Food Innovation Wales

Internationally recognised experts at Food Innovation Wales provide support, advice, and guidance to help established businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the complexity of the modern food industry, taking them to the next level of success.

Let Food Innovation Wales work with you to develop your new food and drink offer.
We are technical, practical and always innovative...

Whatever your interest in the food industry - whether you supply it or make it, run a food company, work in a big multinational, or are taking your first tentative steps to set up a food micro business - we want to help.
We know it`s tough out there: global competition, price pressures, complicated procurement, and increasing ethical and environmental scrutiny - make developing a food business a real challenge.
We`re proud of our team of internationally recognised food industry experts, available to help you navigate your way through a complex range of food disciplines and regulation, covering nutrition and dietetics, environmental health, new product development, factory and workplace design, quality assurance, hygiene, food safety, marketing and efficiency. We cover it all, and here`s some other stuff we do, too:
• Product assessment
• Equipment sourcing
• Hire of technical facilities
• Process development and manufacturing
• Quality management systems and auditing
• Third party accreditation (SALSA & BRC)

Meet us on the stand and hear more about the countless food businesses already growing, innovating and reaching new markets, thanks to support from our team.
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