Growstack Ltd

Growstack was formed in 2016 to formalise the company which built the Growing Underground project in Clapham, London. Our products start at the Mobile S5 unit which is a 3 level self contained LED growing unit, which can be supplied with either Valoya or GE LED fittings. The units are constructed in stainless steel with an ebb/flood irrigation system and touchscreen control system. Future development will allow an NFT system on the same platform. This unit is seen as perfect for research facilities and universities, farm trials for prospective commercial farm clients, and also for on site growing in restaurants.
The Growing Underground project is one of our two systems used for commercial multi-level LED growing farms and has been installed at sites in the UK as well as a farm in Moscow built by our Russian partner. Our second system has just been completed at the Stockbridge Technology Centre in Yorkshire where we have built two identical farms to test the effects of differing environmental conditions and control.
In addition we are distributors for major LED suppliers Valoya and GE and have fitted their lights to installations around the UK.
We are at present working towards supplying several LED farming projects around the UK and Europe, and are further developing our products to provide even better solutions for horticultural projects worldwide.

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