Farming Community Network (FCN)

Who are we...
FCN is a national network of some three hundred plus volunteers mostly with a close link to agriculture.

What we do...
We provide support to farmers and farming families facing difficulties.

The spectrum of issues that can befall farmers is vast: from legal wrangles such as planning and tenancy matters; or occupational issues such as retirement or the threat of eviction; through personal relationship problems, either with family or business partners; or livestock issues such as movement or registration documentation or feed shortages; and thence to financial difficulties, either temporary or more fundamental. We never know what problem is coming next, but at FCN we will do our very best to provide some sort of help.

FCN is on hand when a farmer needs someone to turn to and doesn't have anyone. Most of us have a personal social network to whom we can turn when things get tough and say "I need you. Please help." That person may simply listen; or they may prompt some line of action. Either way, we feel better for having shared our woes with someone whom we can trust.

But what if you were in the position where you need that person but simply don't have anyone? It is difficult for most of to imagine, as we are surrounded by our own personal community. How dreadfully lonely and desperate it must feel to see nobody from one week to the next; or to see only those who are just as bound up in your worries - or are even the cause of those worries - so you`re unable to talk about them or seek some form of help. That isolation is the situation in which many farmers find themselves. And that is exactly when FCN`s Helpline can be a real godsend.

Contacting us...
We can be contacted through a confidential Helpline which is available from 7am - 11pm (03000 111999,

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