Confirmed Speakers At The Rural Entrepreneur Show

  • Tom Mellor

    Wold Top Brewery

    Developing businesses to add value to an Agricultural Commodity

  • Simon Wood

    The Warm Welly Company #warmwellies

    Diversification - the pleasures and pitfalls of Warm Wellies

  • Joby Mussell part of The Travel Chapter

    Beyond the barn conversion – What guests want from self-catering

  • Ruth Davies

    Cwmfarm Charcuterie Products

    You're never too old to learn!

  • Dr Stephen Temple

    J F Temple & Son Ltd

    Making best use of on-farm anaerobic digestion

  • Bill Cave

    Glenburnie Hydro

    Small hydro is beautiful, - VERY small more so!

  • Charlie Pye-Smyth

    Full seminar title coming soon...

  • Giles Cross


    The Local Lending Movement – Benefiting Rural Britain through FOLKONOMICS

  • Paul Brocklehurst

    Catesby Estates plc

    Land promotion and raising capital for your business

  • Di Wood (Hammill)

    Wild Harvest

    Developing your Glamping BRAND - Branding tips for newby glamping business owners

  • Kelly Chandler

    Kelly Chandler Consulting

    Adding an income stream from hosting weddings

  • Mr Mark Antonelli



  • Charles Baines

    Laurence Gould Partnership Ltd

    Business Rates and how to avoid them impacting your project

  • Shelley D’Arcy

    Sykes Holiday Cottages

    Diversify your farm and maximise your income by holiday letting

  • James England

    BlueSky Experiences

    Create a Successful Diversification with Corporate and Leisure Events

  • Ali Hadavizadeh


    The Role of AgriTech in meeting rising global food demand

  • Michael Eavis

    Worthy Farm & Glastonbury Festival

    The farm and the festival - how they work together

  • Geoff Sansome

    Natural England

    Win, win. Managing environmental assets in the farm business.

  • David Hawke

    Alnwick Castle

    Building Sustainable Growth in Heritage Attractions

  • Her Grace, The Duchess of Rutland

    Belvoir Castle

    Capability Brown and Belvoir: Discovering a lost landscape

  • David Boyle & Jared Bowers

    Kelburn Castle and Country Centre

    Utilising Art and Nature to Support a Rural Estate

  • Tom Amery

    The Wasabi Company/The Watercress Company

    Wasabi – From Project to Plate

  • Dan De Baerdemaecker

    British Deer Farms and Parks Association

    The management of deer within farms and parks

  • Ian Damms

    British Deer Farms and Parks Association (BDFPA)

    Opportunities for Farming Deer in the UK.

  • Paul Williamson and Philippa Hardman

    Hillside Brewery and GameShift

    Brewing up a difference – the Hillside inspiration

  • Stephen Jones

    The British Quinoa Company Limited

    The story of British quinoa production

  • Iain Beaumont

    Powderham Castle

    Running festivals and live music events on your land

  • Emma Collison

    Moor View Alpacas

    Diversifying in farming, finding your USP and how to get your product out there.

  • Tullis Matson

    Stallion AI Services / RBST Trustee

    The Past Present and Future of Equine Breeding

  • Anna Price & Jemma Clifford

    Rural Business Awards

    Champion of Champions - RBA

  • Anne Clarke


    Diversification into equestrian – What are my options?

  • Tim Cook

    Solarsense Ltd

    Increased viability of Solar PV - falling panel prices & battery storage and Grants!

  • Ian Emberton

    Xerogrid LTD

    Energy Freedom with off-grid Power; solar is now viable!

  • Roger Allonby

    Rural Payments Agency

    Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Grant Funding

  • Colin Evans

    National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN)

    Top tips for running a successful farm attraction’

  • Jeannie Tomlin, Rachel Godwin and Lisa Hodgson

    Alternative Meats Ltd and Otterburn Mangalitza

    Women Are Raising The Steaks!!

  • Beth Cooper

    Timber Play

    Using Play effectively to enhance your visitor experience

  • Mike Chilman

    MC Fire Protection

    Fire Safety Guidance and Requirements

  • Liz Tucker

    selectfood llp

    food labelling and health claims – make the most of your nutritional merits

  • James Sinclair


    Eight Lessons From An Eight Figure Entrepreneur

  • Anthony Davison

    BigBarn CIC

    The Brexit opportunities for farmers to supply food to local customers

  • Jo Smedley

    Red Herring Games LTD

    How to get your customers to do your marketing.

  • Louisa Stewart

    Blue Ninja Business Support

    The future of administration support is virtual

  • Barry Davies


    Change of Use Farm to Leisure Attraction – Planning Permission and Rates – Avoid the Pitfalls!

  • Keith Spilsbury


    Wool – The Natural Choice For Insulated Packaging

  • Hayley Harthern

    The Tipi Company / Big Chief Tipis


  • Dr Paul Thomas

    Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

    High value truffles: how to cultivate them on your land

  • Philip Gibson


    How effective branding, marketing and communications will deliver results

  • Nigel Padbury

    Premium Crops Ltd

    Target the market with added value arable crops

  • Barry Davies


    Farm Buildings Change of Use to Residential – Permitted Development – Brownfield Sites and more…

  • Anne Clarke


    Does your equestrian centre appeal to millennials, generation X and Boomers?

  • Kelly Chandler

    Kelly Chandler Consulting

    Adding an income-stream from hosting weddings



    The Benefits of a Falconry Presence as an Attraction

  • Ellen Leslie

    Ellen Leslie Ltd (Historical Research)

    Discover the Value of Your House’s History

  • Beverley Osborne

    Training 4 Resilience

    Emergencies and crisis events – they wouldn’t happen to us!

  • Ciara Crossan


    Tap into the Lucrative Wedding Market

  • Christopher Price


    Rural business post-Brexit

  • Steve Hooper

    Site Geek

    Laser targeting your marketing to attract more bookings

  • Andrew Shirley MRICS


    Diversification – how to navigate the planning system

  • Jerry Alford

    Soil Association

    Growing organic to meet UK consumer demand

  • Sarah Arikan and Jo Maggs

    Berwick Lodge

    Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Country House

  • Tom Dixon

    Canopy & Stars

    The future of Glamping: key trends and insights

  • Jonathan Baker


    Securing funding for nature

  • Hayley Harthern

    The Tipi Company

    What to consider when launching Outdoor Weddings & Events at your venue.

  • Rob Hindle & Jonathan Fell

    Rural Solutions & The Ice Cream Farm Cheshire

    Achieving successful diversification in a changing rural economy

  • David Winterflood

    Great British Glamping

    Wedding Glamping: making your event unique and memorable

  • Edward Busby

    Crown and Canopy

    Philosophy and step by step approach when creating a glampsite

  • Phil Lloyd

    Ardverikie Estate Ltd

    Business Diversification & Cost Control On The Country Estate

  • Roger Winter

    Landmark Systems Ltd

    Is Your Business Prepared for BREXIT? How Can Appropriate Software Help?

  • James Hill

    Hampton Manor

    Steps to a Michelin Star, Rescuing a Country House through Hospitality

  • Mark Scott

    Clear Sky – The Glamping Experts

    Getting into Glamping for Farmers and Landowners

  • David Winterflood

    Great British Glamping


  • Arwyn Davies

    Food Centre Wales

    Farm diversification into Food processing – exploring opportunities and avoiding pitfalls

  • Dr Charles Trotman


    Grants and funding in the countryside: pre- and post-Brexit

  • Graham Childs

    The Artisan Food Trail

    Small Business Marketing on an Even Smaller Budget

  • Rosie Whelpton

    Geonet Solutions

    Making The Most Out of Your Website

  • Wayne Clark

    The Septic Tank Store Ltd

    Team Septic - The Solution to your Pollution

  • Louise Speke


    Choosing the right business structure from a tax perspective

  • Nick Edwards

    Yonda Aerial Systems

    The Rise of the Drones

  • Keith Leddington-Hill

    Laurence Gould

    Grant Funding Opportunities

  • Edward Busby

    Crown and Canopy


  • Nick Feeney

    One Night Stand (ONS Glamping)

    What’s the worst that could happen? Just do it.

  • Fenella Collins MRICS


    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Rebecca Hacker

    thelandsman (Think Media) and Soap Creative Agency

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Marketing Panel

  • David Horler

    Tractor Ted

    Unlocking the potential for engaging, educating and entertaining young children

  • Patrick Hawes

    ARM Limited

    The Green Treatment Solution for Wastewaters Generated by Agricultural Activities

  • Ean Parsons

    Parsons Containers Group

    Using shipping containers in a diverse farm business

  • Fenella Collins MRICS


    Diversification – how to navigate the planning system

  • Stuart Plant

    FARMA – The National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association

    It''s a Steal - How easy is it for a customer to steal from your business?

  • Caroline Robinson

    Clear Mapping Co

    Searching for the perfect map? You’re in the right place.

  • Dr Ali Hadavizadeh


    Top tips on launching and scaling a new venture

  • William Cracroft-Eley


    Miscanthus - Maximising Return and Reducing Risk

  • Hayley Kirton

    Kate and Toms / The Big Cottage Company

    Long Lease Option for Your Large Properties

  • Andrew Thomas

    Contacta Systems Ltd

    Are customers getting the best of your customer experience?

  • Emma Cantillion

    WiRE/The Barn at Lees Farm

    How being part of a network can help your business grow

  • Susanne Saillet

    Ecotoilets Ltd

    What comes naturally – Let nature take care of

  • Dan Cox

    Anglia Farmers Limited

    Making the most of EU Grant Funding before we Brexit…

  • Hannah Moule

    The Business Barn

    Aiming for a Fiesta or a Ferrari?

  • Deborah North

    The Outdoor Guide

    Making the Inaccessible Accessible

  • Stephen Locke

    Stephen Locke Associates

    Extra Dwellings on the Farm? – Your permitted development rights and options

  • Andrew Shirley MRICS


    Rural business post-Brexit

  • Tara Punter

    Tara Punter PR

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Social Media Panel

  • John Henderson


    Wood Fuel Revolution: How to extend your accommodation season right through the year

  • Neil Boughey

    Acorn Planning Ltd

    Successful Planning Applications – it really IS all about making friends and influencing people!

  • Annabel Shackleton

    LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming)

    Engaging people in sustainable farming: Open Farm Sunday and more!

  • Elliot Bilsland

    Maximise your income through holiday letting

  • Alec Lochore

    Alec Lochore Event & Equestrian Consultancy and Musketeer Event Management

    How can equestrian diversification benefit you?

  • Greg Seale

    Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd

    An introduction to ‘Interactive Water Play’

  • Richard Crane


    Preparing for the future of farming

  • Gary Richardson

    Access to Farms

    The Industry Code of Practice for safe farm visits

  • Stephen Locke

    Stephen Locke Associates

    Best Laid Plans – success with planning applications for tourism projects

  • Michael Mack


    From Concept to Success

  • David Wade-Smith

    WebTicketManager Limited

    Challenges Facing Venues, Attractions, and Performers in UK Tourism. Just how VISIBLE is your Business?

  • Jonathan Winchester

    FARMA – The National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association

    It''s a Steal - How easy is it for a customer to steal from your business?

  • Kate Middleton

    Rural Entrepreneur Live

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Social Media

  • Sophie Farrah



  • Stephen Locke

    Stephen Locke Associates

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Guy Marsden, Lucy Denton, and Cath Anthony


    Listed Buildings and Heritage Assets: How to make them viable

  • Cath Anthony and Louise Newton


    Diversification - Breathing life and value into rural places and spaces

  • Kate Morel

    Kate Morel Consultancy

    Is Glamping Really that Profitable? R.O.I. Case Study

  • Tabitha Amador-Christie

    Paschoe House

    Rescuing a grade listed building

  • Charles Gulland

    Wigwam Holidays

    Wigwam® Holidays – Leading the Way in the Glamping Revolution

  • Michael Mack


    PANEL DISCUSSION - Succession Planning

  • Megan Allen

    Rural Roots PR

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Marketing

  • Rhea Freeman

    Rhea Freeman PR

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Marketing Panel

  • Peter Harker

    Saffery Champness

    Diversification – tax opportunities and pitfalls

  • Sharon Earp

    The Dandelion Hideaway


  • Andrew Booton

    Andrew Booton

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Christina Jones

    Equine Business Association

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Equestrian Business

  • Anne Clarke

    Connected Thinking in partnership with Scotts of Thrapston

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Equestrian Business

  • Sally Walker

    Native Architects

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Oliver McEntyre

    Barclays Agriculture

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Succession Planning

  • Olivia Cooper


    PANEL DISCUSSION - Marketing Panel

  • Edwina Mullins


    PANEL DISCUSSION - Social Media Panel

  • Neil Boughey

    Acorn Planning Ltd

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Tom Dixon

    Canopy & Stars


  • Sean McCann

    NFU Mutual

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Succession Planning

  • Neil Berry

    MHA MacIntyre Hudson

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Succession Planning

  • Amanda Watson

    The Equestrian Index / Watsons Directories Ltd

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Equestrian Business

  • Kelly Chandler

    Kelly Chandler Consulting


  • Matt Groves

    AKSWard Ltd

    Conservation Engineering – Traditionally Modern

  • Henry Doble

    Rural Planning Consultant

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Alison Teare

    Social Jungle

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Rural Social Media

  • Philip Sharpe

    Sheen Stickland Chartered Accountants

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Succession Planning

  • Emma Warren

    Dimpsey Glamping


  • Jason Thawley

    Tree Tents

    Sustainable diversification of our woodlands

  • Jill Scrivener

    Bourne Rural Planning Consultancy Ltd

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Alix Matania-Allerton



  • John Hoy

    Bidwells LLP

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Marketing Panel

  • Gwil Jones

    The Venue Group

    Setting up and running a successful wedding venue

  • Barry Davies

    Davies & Co

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Jeremy Lawton

    Shearwater Insurance Services

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Equestrian Business

  • Paul Semple

    Bidwells LLP

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Rob Hindle

    Rural Solutions

    PANEL DISCUSSION - Planning Permission

  • Roger Boddy

    Global Teleports

    Satellite – the unseen answer for rural broadband

  • Philippa Bromley

    Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

    Assisting a person into standing from sitting- working with the unwilling patient

  • Samantha Moss

    Nuffield Health/GLO Wellbeing

    The Spine Lifestyle. Assessing, treating, and thriving through back pain.

  • Vicky Parr


    Tips to grow your business from VisitEngland