Tom Mellor

Wold Top Brewery

Developing businesses to add value to an Agricultural Commodity

About Tom Mellor

Third generation farmer, from Yorkshire Wolds with Agric degree from London University (Wye College). Married with two daughters who are both involved in the various operations. Passionate about quality, financial sustainability and making things happen, though not good at dotting I’s and crossing T’s. I like honesty, teamwork and being challenged and dislike celebrity culture, social media, management speak and celery.I used to play rugby but now cycle (with or without a motor) in between skiing and playing Jazz guitar.

Outline the transition from Farmer to Brewer to Contract Packager of beer and to Malt Whisky Distilling utilising barley and water from the farm which then underpins its viability. Learning how to market a product both Nationally and Internationally.

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