Adrian Steele

Soil Association

Grow Organic – a workshop for arable farmers

About Adrian Steele

Adrian has been involved with the organic sector for many years as a farmer, and has been instrumental in creating and developing marketing initiatives in the livestock, seeds and cereals sectors.

His farming business in Worcestershire also hosts vegetable production and dairy heifers,and is linked with other local landowners through share farming and rental arrangements. He has worked closely with food processors and marketing agents for over 25 years. Adrian is also a qualified solicitor and has served as a Trustee of the Soil Association.

The market for organic cereals is growing faster than UK producers can supply. In 2015, we imported 80% of our organic animal feedstuffs and year on year this reliance is increasing. With the UK organic market now worth more than ever at £2.2 billion, more farmers are considering organic conversion as a viable option to supply this increasing demand.

Highlighting the principles and practicalities of organic arable production, current market opportunities as well as the application process - join us to find out if farming organically could work for you.

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