Anna Price

The Rural Business Awards

From Lead to Demand Generation - The Rural Business Group

About Anna Price

A strategic marketer, Anna has devoted her life and career to helping other businesses and people to reach their potential. She does this by working closely with organisations to establish their market position and understand how they can differentiate themselves from the competition by identifying, developing and capitalising on their strengths. She helps businesses to see things from a different perspective.

As co-founder and director of the highly successful Rural Business Awards (RBAs), along with its umbrella organisation the Rural Business Group, she is also passionate about small rural businesses and together with co-founder Jemma Clifford is proud of the RBAs’ considerable success in highlighting hard-working and innovative rurally based British business.

Anna Price talks about how she and Jemma Clifford created a business from nothing, and ended up in the State Dining Room at Downing Street representing British Rural Business.

What started out as just a nice idea has turned into an organisation which gives a voice to rural businesses and raises awareness of the breadth of industries operating in the countryside.

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