Celia Gaze

The Wellbeing Farm

Why Put a Bowtie on a Llama

About Celia Gaze

During her journey of creating The Wellbeing Farm, Celia overcame significant challenges to transform a once-neglected farm into a multi award winning wedding venue. In this talk she will describe how she overcame huge personal and business challenges, covering areas such as surviving a business rates tribunal, recovering from near bankruptcy to now having an abundance of income, managing overwhelm and resilience, acquiring sponsorship by two global companies and avoiding business takeovers.

Celia has a string of business qualifications including a Master in Business Administration {MBA) and a degree in Hospitality Management. She will be the first to admit that she''s addicted to personal development and has been on over 100 courses in her lifetime from art to wedding planning and everything in between.... She''s even a qualified florist, Wedding Planner, Project Manager and Stress Management Practitioner!

Having overcome severe work-related stress, Celia set about transforming her career into something that she loved. She transformed a neglected farm into an award-winning wedding venue -The Wellbeing Farm and started a rollercoaster of a journey to survive. With lessons learned along the way, Celia relays her learning and passion into this informative talk packs with practical takeaways. If you are thinking of diversification, this is the seminar for you.

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