Craig Sansom

Tingdene Homes Ltd

Holiday Home Design and the Future

About Craig Sansom

Craig Sansom has 20 years’ experience in the modular building world, 14 years on the procurement side and 6 in Sales. Craig currently holds the position of Senior Business Development Manager. Craig was an integral part of project managing the procurement for many prestigious developments including a 28 storey student accommodation block, a 192 room hotel and 3 streets of residential buildings whilst managing the purchasing function of a production line producing 350 park and leisure homes a year.

Heavily involved in product development to bring in improved product and supply chains that meet the demands of a volumetric production line. Now Craig is at the forefront of a ground breaking, modular two storey ‘staycation’ holiday home. Designed to attract developers with returns on investments within a short period of time. Craig holds numerous CIPS qualifications in Purchasing.

What makes a Holiday Home? Décor, construction techniques, cost, location, infrastructure, amenities, maintenance and what building regulation suits planners? We will explore modular construction methodology understanding the difference between steel superstructures and timber frame, thermal bridging, uvalues and the impact on operational costs. Onsite vs. offsite construction to visualise the difference and understand the statistics. The importance of interior design and my take on the possible future of holiday homes.

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