Debbie North


The Climb – Accessing the Purple Pound

About Debbie North

As a wheelchair user, Debbie is passionate about getting out into the countryside. With the aid of her TerrainHopper she can access places that would be otherwise inaccessible. Debbie and her husband, Andy love adventure and have travelled coast to coast with Debs using her 4x4 wheelchair.

They have written a book “In the Spirit of Wainwright’ relating the route they journeyed. Debbie has a wealth of experience in creating and developing wheel friendly/ accessible routes. As a member of the Yorkshire Dales National Parks Local Access Forum she has a good knowledge of Rights of Way and accessing land.

She is also a volunteer with the YDNP, with her key role being the auditing of accessible trails. Debbie now works with The Outdoor Guide with Julia Bradbury, creating accessible walks nationwide

Her motto is: Making the inaccessible accessible

For people with disabilities to have equal opportunities they must be able to make the same sort of choices as the rest of the community in seeing varied landscapes, getting into different environments and gaining diverse experiences. Debbie talks about her experiences of accessing the countryside in a wheelchair and how businesses could move forward I providing an inclusive countryside experience for all.

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