Debbie Queen & Nikki Cherry

William Scott Abbott Trust at Sacrewell Heritage Farm and Country Centre

There was this one time, at Farm Camp...

About Debbie Queen & Nikki Cherry

Debbie Queen – with a background in outdoor and environmental education, and many years working for conservation charities, Debbie has a passion for getting children and families outdoors. She likes campfire songs, making soap and butter (not at the same time), and big ideas.
Nikki Cherry – Nikki spent many years in the formal education world before being set free to work her magic outdoors. Nikki has a gift for writing successful grant applications, grows amazing tomatoes and peppers and likes bees and real ale.

Sacrewell Farm has operated as a successful farm park for nearly 40 years, but when the charitable trust decided to re-focus on their agricultural education mission, we knew we had to go beyond a few posters of pigs and cows in the barns. By combining the ag-ed mission with getting children and families outdoors, we created a unique and fun way of telling our story to new audiences.

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