Gary Richardson

Access to Farms

The Industry Code of Practice for safe farm visits

About Gary Richardson

Gary Richardson is Chief Executive of Countryside Learning, with over 15 years experience in the food, farming and outdoor education sector. As a past Chair of Access to Farms, he along with other colleagues from the group formulated the code and has been part of its dissemination across the sector ever since.

The Industry Code of Practice for safe farm visits is designed to ensure that whatever size of farm you operate or
how many visitors you have, the code will ensure you and your visitors make it a safe one. The seminar will
discuss the background to the code as well as giving helpful hints on how you can ensure you are meeting its
requirements. Even if you are opening your farm for one day a year or diversifying into farm visits, this seminar
will give you the practical and proportionate steps you and your visitors need to follow.

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