Iain Beaumont

Cowdray Estate

How to start an exclusive-use events business on a country estate

About Iain Beaumont

Iain currently runs the Events business for the 16,500 acre Cowdray Estate in West Sussex and has a wealth of experience managing the commercial and heritage aspects of private estates. Iain is well versed at identifying ways owners can diversify their business to capitalise on emerging trends and enhance a client’s experience. Prior to joining the team at Cowdray, Iain was the Castle Director at Powderham Castle, running a large number of outdoor music events and festivals, as well as a thriving visitor business. Earlier on in his career Iain worked for the National Trust as the General Manager for an estate in Cornwall, Morgan Stanley and served as an officer in the British Army.

Iain will give a broad insight into the ways that you can make money through accommodating exclusive-use events within your property and grounds. Topics will range from understanding client expectations, marketing your business and the added-value achieved by letting your property on an exclusive-use basis. Iain will also explain the key steps necessary to set up and run a successful business, as well as ensuring that you get the basics right

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