Keith Leddington-Hill

Laurence Gould Partnership Ltd

Financing Diversification Projects

About Keith Leddington-Hill

Keith Leddington-Hill is Managing Director of Laurence Gould Partnership, the leading rural business consultancy. Keith has worked with farmers and landowners for 35 years assisting them in developing their businesses. This has involved expansion of the farming operations, contract farming and diversifying into a myriad of farm based enterprises.

Keith is the Chairman of a £90 million grower group supplying UK supermarkets. He is director of two AD plants. He advises a range of businesses from wedding venues to office lets, holiday lodges, packhouses, vegetable breeding company, turf production, contracting and storage.

Many of these businesses have received grant aid under various European grant schemes, which has facilitated the start and/or expansion of the diversification. He is currently helping businesses apply for grant aid under Leader and the Growth Programme.

The seminar will cover the information to prepare to secure funding for diversification projects. It will look at the opportunities for funding and the decision making process. It will review any grant aid opportunities available for diversification projects. Examples of successful projects will be given.

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