Mark Nicol

Parsons Containers LTD.

Using Shipping Containers in a Diverse Farm Business

About Mark Nicol

Mark Nicol is Business Development Manager with Parsons Containers Ltd. With a remit which covers all activities of the business including U Hold the Key self-storage, traditional container sales and conversion projects.

He has recently brought to market a high-end coffee pod which can be delivered in three specifications. Mark has experience in adding self-storage sites to the U Hold the Key Brand network, he has developed numerous projects including restaurants, bars and other applications to farming and other industries. Before joining Parsons Mark worked for GSK, Kelloggs and Kerry Foods.

Shipping containers are a very versatile resource which can be put to use for a diverse range of applications including self-storage. Parsons Containers have many years’ experience converting shipping containers for many applications. The seminar will cover many of the projects that Parsons have delivered and include valuable information about setting up and running a self-storage business.

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