Paul Brocklehurst

Catesby Estates plc

Land promotion and raising capital for your business

About Paul Brocklehurst

Paul Brocklehurst is Chief Executive of Catesby Estates plc, a specialist strategic land promotion and infrastructure business, focusing on the delivery of residential planning consents on predominately greenfield sites, and ultimately the onward sale to housebuilders.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Paul is a champion of the positive economic role of sustainable development, having spent considerable time interacting with Local Authorities across a range of housing developments.

He joined Catesby Estates in 2005, after spending 19 years with the Royal Bank of Scotland where he held a number of senior positions within the Corporate Banking Division.

More and more landowners are using their land assets to support their businesses and future growth.

Some landowners are in the position of owning land which is suitable for development. Gaining planning permission is an expensive and time consuming business with no guarantee of success.

Land promotion is a collaborative arrangement with both the landowner and land promoter working together to bring land to the market with planning consent for housing, in order to deliver much needed, high quality new homes.

By releasing land for housing, landowners can access valuable capital and also leave a lasting legacy helping support rural and village communities for years to come.

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