Robert Copley

FARMA/FRA – Farm Retail Association

Top 10 tips for running a successful farm shop

About Robert Copley

Farmer Copleys is a farm shop and restaurant in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Owned by Robert & Heather Copley, it has been in the family for over 140 years but Farmer Copleys as it is today started 15 years ago as a small farm shop with just one butcher alongside Robert & Heather.

It has since expanded three times and now pride itself on having one of the best meat counters in the UK, a lovely Deli with fantastic cheese, olives, and beautiful home made bakery products made by the team of talented bakers. The development of Farmer Copleys has created a wonderful platform to showcase British Agriculture to the community, get people engaged with the countryside, where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Running a farm shop in today’s marketplace can be a big challenge. Long standing FARMA/FRA member Robert Copley runs the award-winning Farmer Copleys farm Shop & restaurant and will share his top tips for running a successful farm shop.

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