Sally Walker

Native Architects

Why build with natural materials?

About Sally Walker

Sally qualified as an architect in 1980 and has worked in primarily in the UK. She is an RIBA Conservation Accredited Architect and was a Research Fellow at The University of York, from 1992 – 1997 developing studies on the performance of buildings and their affect on occupant productivity.

Sally has contributed to the Conservation Studies Masters Course in the Department of Archaeology at York University on the conservation of heritage and sustainability issues. In addition to her historic buildings expertise Sally has led the practice to achieve an exemplary standard in the design and construction of award winning, environmentally sustainable buildings that respect their context.

Building new structures or converting existing buildings for new rural diversification projects there is a convincing argument for using natural materials such as hemp, straw and wood. Using case studies to show examples of good practice, Sally will touch on the wider global issues affecting the construction industry today such as resource scarcity and will explain how the right material choices can positively impact on your investment.

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