Simon Wood

The Warm Welly Company #warmwellies

Diversification - the pleasures and pitfalls of Warm Wellies

About Simon Wood

Simon Wood is owner and chief of staff at The Warm Welly Company where he successfully developed the Warm Wellies brand worn by kids (and now grownups) across the UK.
A lifetime in agriculture led Simon and wife Cookie to buy their own 150-acre farm at Walton, Cumbria in 2000. They farmed a breeding flock of 300 sheep and grew their own family too. By 2006 they had Chloe 6, Isabel 4, and 2-year-old twins Tom and Archie. Like many farming families, the kids were often outdoors in wet and cold conditions and Simon grew tired of crying kids with frozen toes. He searched for children’s neoprene lined wellies and found none, so he set about developing and ordering warm kids wellies from China. ‘Warm Wellies’ quietly grew for a decade then Simon took the plunge to diversify full time, swapping livestock farming to become the Welly Farmer.

How a farmer solved the problem of kids with cold feet on his farm at lambing time. If there isn’t a solution - then create one and brand it well. This seminar explains a simple, no frills approach to developing a rural online business that captures a gap in the market. From growing wellies as a side-line, then switching attention from livestock to becoming the Welly Farmer.

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