Tom Davis, Trustee

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

What farming and rare breed animals mean to city children

About Tom Davis, Trustee

Living in central London and having no family links did not deter Tom from pursuing a career in Land based Management and becoming a great advocate of rare and native breeds.

Tom started volunteering at his local city farm at the age of 8 and his passion for rare and native breed Livestock has grown ever since. Having taught animal management at Capel Manor College’s Crystal Palace Centre he is now Farm Manager at Mudchute Park and Farm and former Farm Manager Farm at Vauxhall City Farm as well as the inaugural farm manager at Hatfield Houses Farm Park.

Every year my team and I introduce thousands of city children to farming through Mudchute Park and Farm in London, home to some of the UK''s rare breed farm animals and equines. I will share with you the techniques used to engage and inform these children and what their views are of farming, underlying the importance of education in the farming sector for the consumers and farmers of tomorrow.

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