Trevor Straffon

Quadrabuild Ltd

Can Foundations Be Environmentally Friendly?

About Trevor Straffon

In the late 90’s Trevor set out on a new career path, leaving the steel industry and the British Freestyle Kayak Team on the back burner. The new-found career in specialist structural repair and foundations has developed working on projects with many historic and heritage organisations across Europe.

Modular building designs, NHBC Type Approvals and a passion for minimising the impact of foundations have been rewarded with constant learning and development, often leading to the questioning and pushing of known boundaries. The love for kayaking, paragliding, steelwork and the day job continues!

A brief insight into foundations that offer concrete free solutions to a vast selection of structures. A selection of options and their limitations. Further detailing of the QuadraPile and its benefits when working near trees and in Root Protection Zones when compared to the alternatives.

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