Willy Browne-Swinburne

Rural Solutions

Land use in the future - thinking differently about our product

About Willy Browne-Swinburne

Business Development Director at Rural Solutions, Willy Browne-Swinburne worked in London for 15 years in the world of advertising and marketing before returning to Northumberland in 2008 to focus on the diversification of his own house and estate.

He holds many membership and chairman posts with the CLA, Historic Houses, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust amongst others, as well as looking after Rural Solutions clients in the north of the UK. His understanding of rural life as a landowner means he completely appreciates the opportunity of diversification for those with similar circumstances.

Just over 15 million households have garden sizes of under 10sqm, that’s on average, 36.24 million people in our tiny country with tiny amounts of space. The average garden size in new dwellings is only 5sqm. Perhaps this is the time to start thinking about using our land differently and realising that the opportunity we have to offer is a product that people genuinely want to pay a premium for. That product is space, clean air, clean water, fun and freedom.

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