Innovation Award 2018

TheInnovation Award is a celebration of an idea which has truly pushed the boundaries of design and service. The Award recognises the product that combines an unprecedented blend of innovation, creativity, and uniqueness to its user. Entries can be viewed prior to the event, and will be judged live by a panel of leading experts at the show itself in November.

2018 Nominees

  • Growstack


    Stand No: 2258

  • Modular Leisure Buildings

    Modular Leisure Buildings

    Stand No: 2280

  • The Pebble

    The Pebble

    Stand No: 3246

  • Tree Tents International

    Tree Tents International

    Stand No: 2642

  • Universal Glamping

    Universal Glamping

    Stand No: 3660

  • Farm Innovation Award 2018 Winner - Tree Tents International

    Tree Tents International: Winner of the Innovation Award 2018