Helipaddy is the world’s largest database of off-airfield helicopter landing sites. The app connects hotels, restaurants and other landing sites with helicopter pilots looking for new and exciting places to visit. Helipaddy provides you with the tools to put your site on the map. 

Whether you are a hotel or a restaurant owner trying to increase bookings or an aerodrome looking to gain further exposure, Helipaddy helps to get your site noticed. Benefits include the fact your market can be expanded, affluent clients can be targeted, easy and direct bookings can be made and it is a form of free advertising.

As the owner of a site, you have complete control over the information pilots see as well as being able to incentivise pilots through hosting heli-friendly events and special offers. Helipaddy offers multiple advertising channels to site owners. You could be featured in our landing guides, newsletters and blog posts as well as social media outlets.

The complete Helipaddy management system for landing site owners provides you with all the tools and support you need to promote your establishment to helicopter pilots.

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