Top Farm in Marsham began to diversify in the late 1970s, when it became a desirable camping ground. Today, it doesn’t just offer a plot of land on which to pitch up.

Accommodation options now encompass all facets of glamping, with everything from stunning bell tents and spacious shepherd huts on offer.

On top of the glamping, the farm frequently puts on a number of events, from silent discos to three-day mini-festivals suitable for the whole family. They’re no stranger to a birthday party or a wedding, either!

Teaming up with partners from across the country, Top Farm also offers everything from canoeing to hot tubs. As the Sykes Staycation Index 2019 found, properties with hot tubs enjoyed in excess of 50% more popularity in comparison to getaways without the facility.

These partnerships also prove to be cost-effective, as instead of having to drop a hefty amount of money upfront for a variety of amenities, the firms can instead take a cut of the profits.

When asked about the impact of Brexit on farming business within the UK, Clive Meeks, owner of Top Farm, said: “Brexit and the uncertainty around EU subsidies in farming are causing anxieties and people are looking for steady income”. Thankfully, he and his business had already begun the process of diversification that so many are now exploring, meaning he is already reaping the benefits of the venture.

With two thirds of Brits poised to holiday within the UK this year, now couldn’t be a better time to invest in a leisure-based diversification plan.

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