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The concept of locker style vending machine is growing increasingly popular around Europe and the US. With EU and US citizens daily vending shopping rate heading towards the rate that citizens in China use fully automated shopping. The UK however seem to be behind the rest of the world in terms of how we use Vending facilities in our shopping experience.  We here at Vending by JSR are changing this. 

We here at Vending by JSR are the first to introduce the popular concept of locker style Vending Machines to the UK.

As an egg production business, we were looking to sell our eggs to the local communities the surrounded our chicken sheds. However, we were not prepared to commit staff to running a small shop or managing an egg stall all day. Therefor it seemed like there was no feasible way we could offer our eggs to members of the community. That was until we came across locker style vending that was growing increasingly popular in Europe and other parts of the world. We contacted the European suppliers and got our hands on our first vending machine that we used to sell our eggs. A few local farmers seen how well our machine was working and enquired if they could get one, with hopes to sell their own grown produce. This is when we were offered the contract to be the UK’s first suppliers of locker vending machine. Vending by JSR was created. 

Fast forward 5 years and we have provided over 100 locker style vending machines to customers all over the UK. With products ranging from chilled meats and cheeses to vegetables, jams and cakes all being stocked in our vending machines. Our vending technology has and is constantly improving each yeah. Our machines can keep products at a chilled temperature, allowing you to sell meats and fresh fruits. With hopes to be offering frozen vending machines by early next year. Our new ‘Lock Blox’ locker vending machine has 15- and 22-inch touch screen displays, improving customer shopping experience. This machine is also integrated with the industry leading Vending Portal. Allowing owners to add products, change pricing and track real time sales from any mobile/ PC device.  This technological advancement is allowing our customers to build their own fully automated vending shops, offering a wide range of products to the community without the need to employ all the staff it would usually take to run a shop. All my customers need to worry about is putting stock into their machine. 


With the UK catching up with the rest of the world, introducing more self-serving into our shopping experiences each day. It will not be long before its common to go and grab the products you need yourself out of a vending machine. If you have produce to sell and believe you should cash in on this opportunity, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the UK’s first and most experienced seller who are offering vending technology like no one else.

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