QuickBlock provides a flexible solution for rural construction

An innovative Scottish company has launched its unique rapid-building technology to the agriculture sector. The system offers an efficient solution for temporary and permanent structures.

QuickBlock invented and manufactures a flat-packed, lightweight, modular building system using 100% recycled plastic. The blocks are easy to stack, like children’s building blocks, with no need for additional or specialist materials, tools or skills. Like the name suggests, a substantial 10m x 2m QuickBlock wall can be built in less than ten minutes.

Despite the products flatpack and lightweight design, it is strong and durable with an option to infill with materials to add strength and stability. These benefits made the decision easy for the team at Ardnamurchan estates when selecting a product for constructing a field shelter for a clay pigeon shoot on a remote site on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.


Andrew Vincent, CEO, told us that “This shelter has endured heavy rainfall and up to 100mph winds and remains a dry, warm place for a cuppa during the frequent Scottish West Coast storms”.

“We decided on this shelter as it was the most cost-effective, practical solution given our location. The blocks were light and easy to transport to site on the back of a trailer and we were able to build the shelter in a day as the system is very intuitive”. Ardnamurchan Estates.


With their fast assembly, flexible offering QuickBlock believe there is a huge variety of applications in the agricultural sector for shelters & sheds, walls, partitions, wildlife hides, livestock pens and storage areas. 

Chris Shanks, QuickBlocks Head of Sales, is interested in collaborating with innovative businesses in the sector, “We are keen to engage with companies and organisations to help solve problems with QuickBlock. The beauty of the system is its simplicity and flexibility and we welcome collaborative projects from across the industry.” 

“The exciting thing about being a small, innovative company is that we can work closely with clients to develop the best way to solve their problems,” Vincent added.


Get in touch via www.quickblock.uk or email info@quickblock.uk where someone from QuickBlock will be delighted to help you.



URL: www.quickblock.uk

EMAIL: chris.shanks@quickblock.uk

PHONE: 07896634394


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/QuickBlock_LTD

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