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Adding a unique geodesic dome to your grounds as an immersive lodging or luxurious wedding venue, like seen at Hilton Court Gardens, could boost your revenue all year round.

Hilton Court Gardens and Crafts is a family business that’s been running for 25 years with stunning coastal views overlooking St. Brides Bay, Pembrokeshire. 

They wanted to create a mini-Eden style project, and the 10m Solardome® glasshouse, aptly named the ‘Paradise’, was the perfect choice for them to turn into a tropical oasis. Its primary use is for visitors to retreat at the end of the day to unwind, escape with tea and cake when the weather takes a cold turn or to just sit and admire the exotic plants. Its also a great showcase of their horticultural skills and an impressive way to show their customers how to keep tropical plants. 

With aluminium frames and 4mm toughened glass, Solardome® geodesic dome create a distinctive ambience and oneness with nature with their 360-degree views, whilst protecting those inside from the elements. They also come with base level ventilation, mechanical window winder units and a secure inward opening conservatory-style door meaning the dome can be used all year round, including the festive period. 

Hilton Court Garden owners didn’t want their SOLARDOME® Paradise to be used just as an additional indoor/outdoor seating area, they also wanted to increase its potential by running yoga and well-being classes in it, as well as hiring it out for large events. The owners made sure the dome isn’t just a stunning focal point or a place to sit and enjoy the scenery – they have also maximised their return on investment by using it for a multitude of commercial ventures, all year round. The annual Christmas grotto is definitely a visitor highlight. 

Cheryl and Peter Lynch, Hilton Court Gardens owners, said: "The dome ensures natural daylight and warmth all year around, creating a unique restorative environment area even on the coldest of days. You could imagine yourself in a tropical paradise.

Sympathetically planted with semi-tropical plants, the dome is a relaxing space drawing the imagination from our temperate shores. Our SOLARDOME® Paradise creates a place to feel close to nature, a place to relax, reflect and enjoy.

The dome makes a stunning focal point in our gardens, and we often use it for well-being groups; it is especially useful for yoga as it is such a calming space and stays warm even when it is cold and windy outside."

“The dome is a truly amazing and unique environment,” they added.

If you’re looking to make money from your land or increase your revenue potential, then come and talk with Solardome Industries on stand 3020 and see how you can turn your ideas into fruition. 

We’ll be showcasing their 4.6m SOLAROME® Haven, so you’ll get to see how unique and spacious the domes are. 

Alternatively visit for inspiration and ideas. 



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