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Welsh Country Magazine is the pan-Wales magazine that is essential reading for those that are passionate about the countryside of Wales, Welsh Food, Arts in Wales, the history of Wales and its people, lifestyle, gardening and much more. As an example here’s a list of just some of the fascinating articles that feature in the Sept – Oct 2020 issue:

FISHING – Tony Rees enjoys fishing in the wonderful natural coarse fisheries around Wales.

STORIES IN STONE – Geoff Brookes tells us about poet Daniel James, who wrote the words of the hymn, Calon Lân, regarded as the second National Anthem of Wales.

WALKING IN WALES – Donning his walking boots Tom Hutton heads to Happy Valley (Cwm Maethlon) and the Bearded Lake.

PICTORIAL WALES – A warm welcome to talented photographer Paul Jasper who shares just some of his work with us.

WELSH CONNECTIONS – Aberhonddu nestled within Brecon Beacons National Park is where Gillian Thomas visits this issue.

GARDENING – The National Gardening Scheme focus on the early Autumn garden.
Kath Rhodes editor of Welsh Country commented:-

One of my favourite features in Welsh Country magazine, excluding Welsh food and drink of course, is Pictorial Wales and we get some great feedback from readers. I love this feature because even with modern day, supposedly easy-to-use cameras I’m still rubbish at taking photos. The quality of photographers I’ve had the pleasure of featuring is nothing short of astonishing and the work from Paul Jasper is just one of the photographers in this category. I’m in awe of their talent and patience as they wait and wait to get each amazing shot.

Welsh food festivals are still on my agenda and I hope they are on yours too. I love the variety of Welsh food and drink you find at food festivals and whether they are large or small community events, they all have something different to offer. All festivals focus on Welsh food and drink producers but many also have great entertainment for all ages and quite often live music too. If you see Ian and I out and about please come and say hello, we’ll always be wearing our badges, so that should make it easier to find us.

Welsh Country is now working on finding Welsh Food and Drink easier with their new website www.welshfoodanddrink.wales
Quality and Sharing

Our goal is to ensure that Welsh Country magazine and website continue to have the highest standard of both content and quality. To be ‘the’ recognised magazine for the whole of Wales, with an excellent reputation for producing an informative and agreeable read, to be enjoyed by a wide age range.

Welsh Country will create a good and vibrant market for all clients who need advertising, promotion and marketing. In creating this market, the philosophy of sharing and co-operating together with those that work with Welsh Country, is paramount to each other’s mutual benefit of developing enthusiastically, satisfied customers.

This sharing also extends to those that are selling the title for us, to work together and help grow each other’s business.

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