Agrismart provides farming solutions with a focus on innovation, cheaper farm inputs, increased efficiency and profitability.

“Everything Agrismart does is aimed at providing farm solutions to help agriculture deal with the changing times it faces whilst always putting the farmer first”
Self-Sufficient, Sustainable Water Solution
Agrismart provides complete water systems and bespoke solutions incorporating state of the art water pumping, power supply technology, water treatment and low-cost water storage for farms, equine and farm diversification projects allowing you to cut or eliminate water costs completely.

● Reduce water bills and increase livestock performance
● Collect free water from natural resources
● Water system fitted to existing infrastructure
● water is treated to remove harmful bacteria and stop the spread of disease in water
● Store up to 500,000 litres in one water tank

We have a range of water systems to suit your unique water requirements for your bespoke water solution.

Water Treatment

Agrismart’s water System includes water treatment to ensure all pathogens and bacteria are removed from the water supply before reaching the livestock, increasing yields and reducing mortality. Our water treatment effectively kills rotavirus, E. coli. TB, Foot and Mouth etc.

Water storage

The water that is collected from the renewable energy pumping system is stored in a bladder tank and treated with our water treatment.

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