Confirmed Speakers At The Rural Entrepreneur Show

  • Adam Henson

    Cotswold Farm Park

    Opportunities and Challenges in Developing the Cotswold Farm Park

  • Robert and Michelle Sullivan

    The Artisan Grower

    From the City to the Farm - Becoming an Agriprenuer

  • Ian Bell


    How to Fund Your Diversification Project

  • Kelly Chandler

    Kelly Chandler Wedding Consulting

    Does YOUR Property or Land Have What it Takes to Host Weddings?

  • Joshua Riddett

    Easy Crypto Hunter

    Farming and Blockchain: Yield Up To 72% Annual Returns

  • Sarah Burgess

    Outland Academy Marketing

    How to grow your country business through Instagram

  • Brady Last

    EY Breakthrough Incentives

    Cash for Innovators

  • Rob Hindle

    Rural Solutions

    Rural Futures: Why Diversification Will Still Pay and Where the Opportunities May Lie in 2021 and Beyond

  • Prof Paul Thomas

    Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

    High Value Truffles: How to Cultivate Them on Your Land

  • Kelly Chandler

    Kelly Chandler Wedding Consulting

    Growing Your Profits By Hosting Weddings Without Playing The Volume Game

  • Rachael Ainscough

    Ainscough Strategic Land

    Land Promotion Agreements: Maximising your Land Value with No Risk

  • Nick Lumb

    Acorn Furniture

    Why Consider Bespoke Furniture?

  • Mark Scott

    Clear Sky Safari Tents

    From Dream to Reality and Beyond

  • Simon Marrington


    Woodland Creation: Capital Grants and Carbon Payments

  • Hermione Warmington MRICS


    Demystifying development: an introduction to rural affordable housing development

  • Dr Charles Trotman


    Rebuilding your business in the “new normal”

  • Graham Clark MRICS


    Why create woodlands? The potential of trees in rural enterprise

  • Fenella Collins MRICS


    Planning for the future

  • Duncan Syme

    Data Strategy Consulting Ltd

    Data Mining for Insights Gold – turning “What” into “Why”

  • Cameron Hughes MRICS


    New farming markets and innovations

  • Harry Greenfield


    Environmental markets: new opportunities for farmers and land managers

  • Andrew Shirley MRICS


    Making the most of your assets

  • Alice Ritchie


    Climate change resilience: adaptation and the water environment

  • Duncan Syme

    Data Strategy Consulting Ltd

    The “Perfect Circle” of Loyalty

  • Paul Grabham

    randd uk

    Bounce Back from the Coronavirus with R&D Tax Credits

  • Shelley D’Arcy

    Maximise Your Income Through Holiday Letting

  • Mark Thomas

    The Farming Community Network

    Time to Plan - Managing Through Changing Times

  • Paul Saxby


    Get More Accommodation Bookings Online in the New-Norm Travel Landscape

  • Hugh Taylor

    Roadnight Taylor

    So, You Want a Battery, Solar or Wind Farm? Here’s How…

  • Oliver Dale

    Safety Revolution

    Managing the Health and Safety of Your Team and Business

  • Roger Ashman

    Ashman Architects Ltd

    Diversification: The Benefits of Presenting a Holistic Vision

  • William Tongue


    Diversification or Distraction? Choosing What’s Right for the Farming Business

  • Louise Fairburn

    Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST)

    Managing and Marketing Native Breed Sheep

  • Will McCarthy


    Why Country Houses and Estates Are Perfect For Renewable Energy Projects

  • Alastair Deighton, Phil Jones, Ashley Lilley and Simon Foster


    The Steps to Leisure Diversification

  • David Kinnersley & Tom Beeley

    Fisher German

    Natural Capital and Fisher German’s Soil Matrix

  • Alison Cole and Christine Lund-Beck

    UDL Intellectual Property

    Safeguard your Innovation and Branding — Exploring the Use of IP Protection

  • Kenny Dhillon


    How to Maximise Development Opportunities in Rural Locations

  • Barbara Griffin-Wright

    ADSDF Architects

    Planning, Designing and Developing Strategies for Your Site. Understanding the Planning Context

  • Prof Paul Thomas

    Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

    High Value Truffles: How to Cultivate Them on Your Land

  • Paul Michel

    Associate at Rapid Business Finance

    The Commercial Finance Landscape – lenders, products, case studies

  • Rob Copley

    Farm Retail Association

    Farm Shops: Make farm retail work for you!

  • Nigel Padbury

    Premium Crops

    Adding Value to Your Arable Cropping

  • Tom Dixon & Tessa Holmes

    Canopy & Stars

    The future of glamping - ideas, insights and key trends

  • Peregrine Mears

    Peregrine Mears Architects Ltd

    Development & Diversification Opportunities for Farms & Rural Enterprises

  • Jeremy Stanton


    Promotion Agreements. A Question of Balance.

  • Guy Banham


    Panel Debate: The Secrets Behind a Successful Diversification: Planning and Funding

  • Barry Davies

    Davies & Co

    Farm to Leisure – Secure Planning Permission – Maximising Value and Avoiding the Pitfalls

  • Richard Corbett

    Roger Parry and Partners LLP

    Future of Traditional Farming

  • Annabel Sunnucks

    Glamping at Rankins Farm

    Breaking the barrier of fear for diversification

  • Pascal

    BJP Productions Limited (BJP)


  • Louise Pullan

    Breaks Fold Farm

    Looking To The Future Through Diversification and Environmental Farming