Alice Ritchie


Climate change resilience: adaptation and the water environment

About Alice Ritchie

Alice Ritchie is the CLA adviser covering climate change and water, and has been with the CLA since November 2018. She previously worked for the New Zealand government on agriculture, forestry and climate change policy and is a New Zealand-enrolled barrister and solicitor. Alice is currently midway through an MSc in Food Security from the University of Edinburgh, focusing on how UK agriculture can help tackle the climate crisis while producing high-quality food.

Alice advises on matters including transitioning the rural economy to net zero, adapting to climate change, water management and water quality. She has developed a CLA Water Strategy and written a CLA advisory handbook about on farm reservoirs.

Land managers are facing the dual pressures of reducing emissions while also adapting to a warmer world. The water environment will bear the brunt of the climate crisis, with summers 7.4°C hotter, summer rainfall decreasing by up to 62% and winter rainfall increasing by 59% by 2050. This seminar will cover the ways land managers can start increasing resilience to climate change, covering water quality, water management, flood and drought.

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