Andrew Shirley MRICS


Making the most of your assets

About Andrew Shirley MRICS

Andrew Shirley MRICS has been with the CLA for over 20 years, both in the Midlands region and latterly based in their London office. Currently he is Chief Surveyor and leads on tenancies, compulsory purchase, wayleaves, infrastructure and minerals. He heads up the CLA Property and Business Team which is responsible for planning, housing, heritage and rural business development.

Andrew started work undertaking general estate management in Herefordshire with Carter Jonas, before moving to ADAS in the East and Midlands dealing with infrastructure schemes, and planning and diversification advice. Andrew has also been a district councillor for over 8 years and this adds a different dimension to
his experience.

It is important to constantly reassess the potential of your business. How can you make your assets work harder to maintain income and increase profitability? This seminar will take you through how to review your assets, identify opportunities and create an action plan.

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