Brady Last

Managing Director / Associate Partner  -  EY Breakthrough Incentives

Cash for Innovators

About Brady Last

Brady is a Business Administration and French graduate from the University of Bradford, and began her career in technical recruitment in London. Along with Sue Nelson, she set up Breakthrough Funding in 2015 to disrupt the R&D tax relief sector with a passionate belief in progressive HR practices and world-class customer service.
The company was sold to Ernst & Young (EY) in 2020. She continues as the Managing Director for the renamed EY Breakthrough Incentives team in Kent and is also an Associate Partner of EY.
Brady was responsible for the technical development and legislative interpretation of Breakthrough’s highly respected R&D tax relief training. As an expert on the small-and medium-sized enterprise (SME) scheme, she has carried out training programmes to accountants and finance managers across the UK.

She is also an engaging speaker on how to scale-up a successful business from scratch and the value of recruiting the right people to share your vision.

Why farming qualifies for innovation?
How do you make a claim?
What are the benefits?

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