Harry Greenfield


Environmental markets: new opportunities for farmers and land managers

About Harry Greenfield

Harry Greenfield joined the CLA in 2018. He leads on environmental policy, advising on existing environmental schemes and regulations and working with government to shape future policy.

Prior to joining the CLA, Harry worked for 10 years in a range of roles relating to farming and the environment. This included working in parliament for three years, working for a farmers’ producer organisation and working on land use policy for a conservation organisation.

He advises CLA members on environmental land use, including agri-environment schemes (Environmental Stewardship and Countryside Stewardship), protected species, natural capital, invasive species, pollinators and nature conservation.

As environmental issues rise up the agenda, the Government, the public and businesses are looking at ways to improve the natural environment. Farmers and land managers are uniquely placed to deliver a wide range of environmental public goods – from clean water to thriving wildlife – and to be rewarded for doing so. This seminar will look at a range of opportunities including new ecological markets, government-funded schemes and private sector investment in natural capital.

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