Hermione Warmington MRICS


Demystifying development: an introduction to rural affordable housing development

About Hermione Warmington MRICS

In late 2019, Hermione joined the CLA Property and Business Team where she leads on housing policy. Hermione advises on all matters related to housing, including affordable housing, private rented sector compliance and the minimum energy efficiency standards.
Hermione grew up on a farm in Somerset. Before joining the CLA, she qualified as a rural surveyor whilst working on the Holkham Estate in north Norfolk, where she oversaw the management of the residential,
commercial and renewable portfolios as well as being involved in planning and development.

Rural communities in England continue to face a number of challenges compared to their urban counterparts: a population ageing at a faster rate, proportionally less affordable and private rented sector housing, higher second home ownership and a larger gap between house prices and wages. This seminar will look at the main ways in which affordable housing is developed, including how a landowner can build, retain and manage affordable housing.

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