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The Countryside Kitchen meets – A Food and Farming podcast

About Milly Fyfe

A former NFYFC chairman, R.A.B.I regional manager and CEO of the Shorthorn Society, Milly took a career break 4 years ago to have children and support her husband on the family farm (beef, sheep and arable), based in Northamptonshire. During that time Milly would post regularly on social media about life on the farm, raising the children and cooking meals using homegrown ingredients. Having many friends not connected to the food and farming industry, she often received positive feedback and comments about inspiring others to get into the kitchen, involve their children and start growing vegetables too. As a Love British Food Ambassador, experience of marketing, fundraising and a member of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists, she set about launching No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents food blog, as well as her own PR and Marketing Business. 18 months on she now manages the PR and Marketing for several rural businesses including Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards, Noborough Lodge Farm Shop and the Farm Consultancy Group. She writes a monthly column in the Daventry Express, a regular contributor to the food and farming press, and is lead fundraiser at her children’s pre school, which recently secured a grant to enhance the natural surroundings with the installation of bird boxes, feeding stations, insect houses and a wild flower garden.

In the height of the Covid pandemic, Milly Fyfe launched an interactive food blog called ‘No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents’ to help provide a connection between food produced in the UK and how to make tasty meals the whole family can enjoy. Hear how the project has evolved, how the Countryside Kitchen meets podcast came about and how you can get involved too

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