Natalia McCall


How the next generation are driving efficient rural estate management

About Natalia McCall

Bio is here: Through leading customer success for Re-Leased, Natalia helps property professionals transform the way they manage their portfolios, giving them more visibility on their performance so they can make more informed business decisions. Natalia is passionate about the impact technology can have on efficiency and profitability and has dedicated her career to inspiring businesses to change the way they operate.

There is an unwritten rule in rural estates and farming to leave things in a better condition than when you took them over. So, what might this look like for the next generation?

89% of Rural Estates have digitised operations, and 45% of that group are investing in further digitisation. Natalia McCall, Head of Customer Success at Re-Leased, speaks with Emily Swift MRICS from Brocklesby Estate about driving efficiency and technology use in estate management.

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