Nikita Thorne

How much is a wedding worth on your property?

About Nikita Thorne is the UK''s leading online wedding planning platform. With a social media reach of over 170,000 and over 2,000,000 online users, it is used by 1000s of wedding venues as the most cost effective way to market directly to couples.

The company regularly publishes data insights used by marketing agencies, wedding consultants and government agencies and is considered a trusted source of information and advice on anything related to weddings.

Nikita Thorne leads the Guides for Brides marketing team. The team has gained a reputation for using a data-driven approach to connect wedding venues and suppliers with the most relevant couples. She has been integral in strategies to boost consumer confidence and give clients even more opportunities to maximise their growth.

Wedding laws are about to change, opening huge opportunities for venues and landowners to claim their share of the annual £14.5 billion spend. Nikita will share insights and data to calculate the revenue opportunity for hosting weddings on your property and discuss what the proposed changes to the law could mean to you.

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