Paul Michel

Associate at Rapid Business Finance

The Commercial Finance Landscape – lenders, products, case studies

About Paul Michel

Paul Michel is an Associate of Rapid Business Finance, a broker dealing with all
aspects of commercial finance – loans, asset and invoice finance, property and development finance. Paul is also a Business Partner of Fifo Capital, a specialist Invoice and Trade Finance lender. Having formed good working relationships with a number of lenders and commercial brokers, Paul is committed to assisting businesses find flexible funding solutions, quickly and with minimal fuss. Australian by birth, Paul has made his home in the East Midlands for the last 13 years.

The Commercial Lending Landscape has seen and met some incredible challenges this year. Alongside Government schemes
to assist business through the Covid crisis, lenders have modified their criteria, retired some products, and added new ones.
Businesses have not always qualified for the Government backed schemes, yet still require assistance. Others have taken advantage of the schemes to refinance, add working capital, even purchase new businesses. Paul will discuss the contours of the commercial lending landscape, giving an overview of the changed climate, the various lenders, and the products available to assist businesses. Some case studies will be given and discussed, displaying the opportunities businesses can find at the moment.

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