Roger Ashman

Ashman Architects Ltd

Diversification: The Benefits of Presenting a Holistic Vision

About Roger Ashman

Roger Ashman is the founder of Ashman Architects with a diverse background in estate diversification and flood resilient design. Roger works with Family Trusts and Private Estates including one of the UK’s largest land owners, helping to appropriately diversify their portfolios and guide best commercial use of their property and assets. His strategic vision accounts for short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, tailored to meet a variety of requirements and client aspirations. Having worked on a number of land promotions, historic estate houses and proposed alternative revenue streams through holiday lets, hotels, leisure facilities and commercial spaces, Roger has helped multiple clients dramatically increase the value of previously redundant land and estates as a whole.

Through a series of recent case studies, Roger Ashman of Ashman Architects will review the benefits of considering a holistic estate strategy and presenting a vision early to the local authority. With a broad and diverse approach, covering multiple scales, land use classes and time frames, this talk will review how subsequent applications benefit from anchoring back to a solid, overarching estate vision.

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