Steve Costello

Business Development Manager  -  Kensa Heat Pumps

Harvesting Free Heat with Ground Source Heat Pumps

About Steve Costello

Steve has 23 years’ worth of experience in the heating industry and 13 years in the geothermal industry. Steve has had involvement with ground source heat pump programmes from the initial design stages through to installations. As a project manager Steve has worked on several commercial projects, including hospitals, universities, CrossRail and the loop installation for the new American Embassy in London. Steve served on the council for the Ground Source Heat Pump Association for 6 years. Steve also has experience as a qualified Gas Safe engineer. Prior to joining the heating industry Steve worked as a Colliery Deputy in charge of the coal face and has had extensive training in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as health and safety legislation.

This seminar guide to ground source heat pumps will explain how this highly efficient, low-cost heating technology can provide diversification opportunities for rural communities and agricultural businesses. It will highlight what applications are suitable and discuss the funding available to landowners installing ground source.

Buildings such as farmhouses, holiday cottages and animal enclosures can all gain from using ground source. By collecting free heat from the ground, the technology converts low-grade heating to higher temperatures to provide all of your heating and hot water needs. Producing three times more energy than it uses ground source is the lowest cost, most efficient renewable technology there is!

Ground source is particularly suited to agricultural businesses with readily available land or water sources for ground arrays, whilst the land can still be used for crops or grazing. Ground source heat pump systems can also be easily integrated with existing renewable technologies such as hydro, Solar PV and wind turbines, allowing business owners to direct any surplus heat into new business opportunities.

Kensa’s innovative district heating system featuring ‘Shared Ground Loop Arrays’ can be used for any farm featuring clusters of more than one building. The diversification opportunities with ground source are endless from eco-friendly holiday accommodation to income-generating activities such as drying or hydroponics.

Don’t miss out – harvest free heat and sow the seeds of new business opportunities and with ground source.

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