Tom Dixon & Tessa Holmes

Canopy & Stars

The future of glamping - ideas, insights and key trends

About Tom Dixon & Tessa Holmes

Tom Dixon (Co-founder) and Tessa Holmes (Glamping consultant) of Canopy & Stars, the UK’s leading marketing and booking agency in the glamping industry since 2010. Our collection of inspiring places to stay in the great outdoors connects independent owners to guests in search of a life more wild.

Here to share insights and expertise to turn your wildest ideas into profitable places to stay. We will offer guidance and advice to owners to help shape ideas and tackle the practical elements required to launch a successful glamping business.

The last 12 months have been transformative for the industry and glamping is set to grow hugely over the next 3 years. The opportunity is huge. Based on insights gathered from 1000''s of guests and over 850 owners across the UK and Europe, Tom will talk through key learning''s from 2020, as well as future trends and strategies that will give an owner a competitive edge. This understanding will help new and existing owners to develop sustainable and successful businesses, that guests will love, and that makes a positive impact on the environment too.

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